After spending the morning in the pool Alby went indoors to get her groove on! A smoking hot babe like this always has a horny guy ready to pound her and sure enough he was waiting for her on the couch.


The first thing she did was to give him an awesome blowjob before she mounted his stiff pecker and rode him hard. He loved the treatment but realized he had to do some work too so he drilled her hard in a bunch of positions.


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Alby was at a rodeo arena where she got kidnapped by a bunch of strong fellows. They brought her to a nearby location where they fucked all of her three holes with their big cocks. They all came on her face at the end which drenched it in cum.


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The title would give you the impression that this is a hardcore scene, but unfortunately it's not. I will post the hardcore video later though so be sure to bookmark or follow me on twitter so you won't miss it!


Alby is already topless when she decides to strip down further. She shows off her massive boobs then spreads her asshole up close for the camera. Click here to see the hardcore video!


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Alby is dressed in some tight jeans. When she turns around she reveals they are open in the back so her delicious ass is sticking out! This was bound to attract some horndogs and Bill Bailey was the first one at the scene. He took out his big dick and got it sucked before he oiled up her ass.


He then licked her fresh asshole before he slammed it. He kept it in there before he had to pull out and shoot his load on her pretty face.


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Teen Curves Tube Video

Feb 28, 2014

Alby shows off her ass and fucks for jism in this 8 minute long clip!


Teen Curves Tube Video videos


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Xander was sleeping during his break when his boss came in and commanded him to fix his wife's car. He did it unwillingly but soon enough there was something else that stole his attention. This girl was packing a huge pair of hooters and he could notice she was interested in him. One thing lead to another and seeing how his boss treated him he had no problems going through with it.


She popped out her tits and he fondled with them before he took out his dong for her to suck on. He got the blowjob he wanted before he licked and dicked her. It all ended with a facial and he now had to hurry like hell to get the car ready!


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